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Community Guidelines

Find below a few guidelines for all Neopoet members. Please make sure you read and adhere to them. These guidelines are designed to help enhance your enjoyment of Neopoet.

Neopoet is specifically a workshop style poetry forum and is designed to share your poetry, receive and make critique of the work posted, and more importantly, for you to evolve as a poet.
Neopoet is a democratic, member run community. Elections are made every four months where you will be able to nominate and vote for members to become the Administrative Council. These are the individuals who help run and moderate Neopoet on behalf of the members and the trustees. The AC monitor the comments and postings and will investigate and react when in receipt of a complaint. All complaints should be forwarded direct to the AC or the trustees. The AC have their own guidelines for dealing with complaints and these can be found within the help menu, entitled AC Actions Manual.
Neopoet is not a place for you to post every piece of work you write or have written, but is for you to post the work you are currently working on and require constructive feedback and critique on in order to help improve your work. There is a daily limit of posting one poem per day. This guideline does not apply if you are posting poems in relation to a workshop. There is no limit on workshop postings, although the workshop leader will monitor and advise accordingly.
The blog feature is not a separate entity for you to post poems in order to beat the imposed daily  limit. Poems should be posted only in the stream or in a workshop.
The use of the blog feature is for you to post interesting articles and engage others in conversation. There are thousands of things you can do with a blog, but here at Neopoet, we ask, that you refrain from using your blog to post your poetry.
When giving a critique, always consider that the critique should be specific to the poem and not the poet. There is always a writer behind every work posted on Neopoet, so be respectful and take into account the level of critique the author has asked for.
Critique, don’t comment. Neopoet is primarily a workshop environment, where you can expect to receive critique of various levels. We ask that you don’t take harsh feedback to heart and if you feel it appropriate, ask the author of the critique to offer you suggestions if they haven’t already. If you feel you need more assistance, contact one of the mentors who will be willing to support and guide you. (NB: the Mentors program has not yet been launched, so in the meantime, please seek assistance from the workshop moderators).
Critique is an important feature of Neopoet. Neopoet will not tolerate comments regarding a member’s race, sex, sexual preference, religion, disability or any type of personal derogatory comment aimed at a member. Personal attacks will be dealt with harshly by the AEC. This can be through suspensions or in the event of a serious attack, a permanent ban can be imposed. If you are in receipt of any level of personal attack, you should contact the AC immediately.
If you wish to become a more active member, please contact the AC for a list of vacancies within the Neopoet team. Help to build our community. The one thing that sets Neopoet head and shoulders above other poetry sites is our culture. It’s not just about the words; it is also about the people within our community. If you see a member that might need some guidance, offer to assist them.
Neopoet is forever evolving. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving Neopoet; please contact a member of the AC. A list of the AC and other official positions can be found in the help menu, entitled Neopoet Positions List.
No member of the community, including the AC can negotiate with an outside source on behalf of Neopoet without first gaining the approval of the trustees.
Any action by a member of Neopoet that brings Neopoet into disrepute as a result of public display of malicious content and/or explicit content as determined  by any current Administrative Council and upon any valid complaint by any member of Neopoet will be removed from public view and restricted to the authors profile  and could result in a permanent ban to the author should the author not comply with such directive from the Administrative Council.
(c) No copyright is claimed by Neopoet to original member content.