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Neopoet Weekly 02/18/24 to 02/24/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Trials and Triumphs by Shelby Pryor

Congratulations to Shelby Pryor on such a fine poem.

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Neopoet Weekly 02/11/24 to 02/17/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

The Purge by RoseBlack

Congratulations to RoseBlack on such a fine poem.

Neopoet Weekly 02/04/24 to 02/10/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Lovergirl by hippiemoon

Congratulations to hippiemoon on such a fine poem.


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My Daughter Honors Me

My daughter, a constellation of achievements,
her path traced by the brightest stars.

On the volleyball court, she soars.

Highest honors, a testament to her fire.
Her mother’s legacy, her father’s strength,
woven into every spike and serve.

But her beauty transcends mere form
resides in the curve of her mind.
Thoughts that ignite with curiosity,
biology, her canvas for exploration.

When It Is There...

I locked onto your eyes of wood-smoke
saw my face mirrored back at me,
full of desirous laughter.
Saw a world of love
as it is there...

Your offered hand
taking mine in yours.
Floating away on your warmth
sensing the stability of your thoughts
as they were there...

Watching words form on your supple lips
is a land of paradise of its own.
There is a rhythm to your words, exhilarating.
A lilt which lifts me up ever higher,
when it is there!

Epitaph For Geezer

"In the haze of memory, he found joy.
Long black hair, laughter, and cookies infused with life.
A friend to all, he wandered through time,
Leaving behind trails of kindness.

His lungs breathed the words of compassion.
And as the sun dipped below the horizon,
He whispered, ‘Remember me like a fleeting breeze.

In the end, he was sweetness personified,
A batch of cookies baked with love and a dash of mischief.

Rest easy, dear Guy,
Your memory lingers, a gentle exhale in the hearts of many."

The In-Between

Concealed in the darkness of time,
Gone are the wondrous years of my prime,
My thread never sliced by the fates,
Untouched by death’s unforgiving gates,
I do not live nor am I dead,
To Cronos I forever pled,
Becoming free from residing in between,
Let me roam to where I am once again seen,
Fearsome I am certainly not,
A vow of obedience I have brought,
Not agreeing to free my deserving self,
You will soon feel the wrath of my full health,
I will enjoy returning to where I was once loved,

Waiting on a lullaby!

A crescent moon rose discretely
and passed gently into the evening sky.
A little boy, tucked in tight,
with great crocodile tears,
rolling silently down sleepy eyes.
Waiting for his mum to come
and sing soft lullabies.
Songs of an enchanted yesteryday,
that would calm his innocent mind.
A tired heart would soon prevail.
It was time to turn out the light.
When mommy returned, just in time,
To give a kiss and send him off
on a sweet nocturnal flight!

Brushing My Hair

How freeing it is to be alone,
to have no one to call if i get home late.
How alive I feel to have the wind tangle my hair,
with no wandering fingers to gently untangle it.
It’s just my hairbrush and I in the mirror,
carefully tugging away at knots.

My favorite song is playing and as I sing along,
my voice carries and fills the room
until it is no longer empty (if it ever was).

Food glorious food

Asia generic guy gastronomy (and how gourmet foods eat destructively clearly beyond any) excess enthusiasm, the necessity to feed and clothe this corporeal essence christened Matthew Scott Harris revels more so within the medium of writing.


Lent has always been a time to think
A time to give up food and drink

A time to think and read
About our God and about our creed

To take a look deep inside
To find ways to improve our stride

It is also a time to share
The love and words we can spare

Lent is a path for us to seek
A way to change the way we speak

A time to fast and pray
For life and a better day

Rag cloth and ashes are no longer here
The thoughts they evoke are very clear


The paranoid feeling of someone
controlling my every step
"You're in a computer game"!
a voice came from the outside
world explaining to me it's not real.
How do you know if you're real ?.

A holographic simulation
that changes your perception
everything you see is Vibrating
slowly so what you touch with
your hand, is solid and others
less? Wait how can I know this?

Where is When...

Where do you go?
I want to know;
if the same you
comes back each time?

Lost forever, time after time,
the minutes, days or weeks.
You don't remember being somewhere else.
How does one get back from here?

Listen close for clues,
to find your way alone.
No one notices how lost we really are,
French horns in "our music"


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