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GaryEnglish is the winner of the New Member Contest for January 2023 with the poem, "The Knig of Kalloo" Congratulations to GaryEnglish on winning his first contest as a neopoet member.
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Description: Forget today think about tomorrow.

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Neopoem Of The Year 2022 Winner!

The winner of the Neopoem Of The Year For 2022 is Words.unwritten with the poem "Time Machine". Congratulations on winning the grand prize of 100 dollars on gift card. Read her poem and leave a comment below

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After my mother died
but before her things
were scattered about,

did some of these belongings
stop whispering what they were saying
about her?

Or did they continue to speak
of a light summer breeze off the coast,
sunlight shining just so
through a dusty shop window,
beckoning her?


And this is what we call cyclic

all changes
hands face and smile

once who led you to school
now stands cool
awaiting your arrival

the one who buttered your toasts for you
now waits a soft slice of bread from you

the one who kissed you daily to school
now waits for a kiss

will you give she thinks
a tear flows down her cheek

she knows smells now her repose
the son too has also gone through change
his consort is all for whom he remains


Numbness creeps in
Like poison vines strangling
New growth amidst fresh earth
Weeping tears into mud

Feral cries of grief
Splinter the air
Like shards of glass
From a broken mirror

Pick up the pieces
Bleed through the pain
It's just one cut of many
Embracing the insane

maybe not

where has the bright love gone
it was almost gone
without me without you
who am i, just thinking about you
did you even love me back or

where does the glowing love go
i hope you don't go
i won't leave you i promised
and you said you'd soon have promised
wonder if you'll ever promise or

where is the sparkling love going
know i'm not going
know you're here with me forever
so know we're stuck here forever
but does anybody know for sure or

Falling and Falling

I’m standing on the ledge.
How would it feel to fall?
I step closer to the edge.
I’m about to risk it all.

I hear you call my name,
From the bottom of the landing.
Urging me to take the leap,
Gently and undemanding.

I wonder what waits for me,
If I ever land.
I can taste your kiss from here.
Feel your touch with gentle hand…

You call me once again,
Your voice calmer than before.
“Just jump, my love, I’ll catch you.
I promise that, and more.”


I heard the crows
while walking today.
They cried from high trees,
perched like watchmen
sending out a call to arms,
warning of some unforeseen
mischief, an omen, perhaps,
for another day.
I stopped to listen,
watched as they flew from
one branch to another,
voices rising,
their black robes worn
like high court judges,
keen eyes on the world below,
allowing me to pass
as I considered their
sudden, discerning

I grieve.

i grieve,
i have seized bourbon darkness
with my tongue,
holding it captive between my brittle teeth.

i grieve,
i weep sawdust grains in the stolid hours,
between the rooster choir,
and the morning mass

i grieve,
that I saw you a fallen leaf
before the pruning,
that I am too powerless,
neither to prevent death nor
to fully let go.

i grieve,
i have told not another human
that in the corners
of long shadowless nights
i still grieve.


Long deep intake of breath
slowly expel out the mouth,
quiet steps following
from north country headed south.

Catching site of my prey
in the blue ice field
Sun in his watering eyes
my position is now a shield.

Marksman behind him, zeroing in
slow intake of air, a silent breath.
Still as a statue, squint of one eye
squeeze of the trigger finds his death.

Another "hit" mastered and taken
a shot fired for freedom's cry,
the enemy lying bleeding, dying
another game of spy vs. spy!

Somewhere Near Frijoles Creek

I pause among pines
Pure silence overwhelms me
Then the wind rises

Nothing But The Devil

You are nothing but
the devil
look at you,
now look at me.

Can't you see me
crying here the hell
you walk away.

You said you really
love me but I can
see that you're a fake.

For you are nothing
but the devil and use
me every time, so
when will I say screw
it all, go lay in my
grave and die.


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