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Summer Image Prompt Challenge Winner!

The winning poem of the Summer Image Prompt Challenge is




Submitted by Mary Beth Magee

She bobbed there in the gentle swell,
The little boat I knew so well.
The sail wrapped tight along the boom
Gave me a feeling of dark doom.
I saw no anchor chain hung down
To stop her, lest she run aground.
No one sat in her empty bow.
No hand controlled her keel just now.
A gentle breeze set her to rock.
How did she get loose from the dock?
As the breeze caused her to turn,
I spotted paint along her stern.
Rough letters where my name had been -
The words now looked like "Mortal Sin."
What had he done in dark of night?
Was he convicted by dawn's light?
Then in the reeds beside the dock…
What I saw gave me quite a shock.
A body, face down, on the lake,
Could it be him, for heaven's sake?
Please, no, I prayed and backed away.
What pushed him so, I cannot say.
I didn't dream that he would dare.
I only know I lost him there.

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Neopoet Weekly 06/09/24 to 06/15/24 Winner!


This week’s winner is Lavender with the following poem


Winning Poem


Submitted by Lavender

A falling star settled on my rose,
a diamond dipped in velvet clothes.
I dared not touch the pure gift
sent from heaven, so swift,
but let it rest there
in such sweet air
and comply
to my


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Neopoet Weelky 06/02/24 to 06/08/24 Winner!


This week’s contest winner is hippiemoon with following poem:


By: hippiemoon

Years from now,
We will be dead and buried.
Your laugh nothing more than
A whisper in the wind,
A breeze carrying off dandelion wishes.

Our headstones will rest together,
Aging together, as we did in life.
Tears from our loved ones will mix with rain
And our memory will fade with the engravings.

And years from now,
We’re forgotten by everyone but the Earth.
They will dig our bodies up
And find our bones entwined in each other’s arms.


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Congratulations to Shelby Pryor for winning this week’s contest


Something New

Rain rushes from the skies
Mixing with a single tear
The wind cuts through
Like every doubt, every fear

Lightning shatters my peace
Like the pieces of my mind
A distant thunderclap mocks
Of the girl I was and left behind

A tornado rages in my head
Demolishing my peace and joy
I plaster on a smile for you,
But it's just a tactic I employ

The fear paralyzes my heart
Yet I'm so tired of being afraid
It is time to get up and fight
Before my resolve starts to fade

My fingers curl around my sword
I lift it high, I've got my armor on
I bring it down with all my strength
Until the shattered pieces are gone

There is no fixing the girl I was
No use in buying time with glue
The only solution is to shatter her
And forge with fire Something New


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May 2024 Contest Wins!

Congratulations to our May 2024 contest Winners. 


05/24 Romance was won by Hon with the poem Romance

05/24 New Member Contest  was won by EmanuelSfatcu with the poem Shine

05/24 Ode To A Service Hero was won by Mr joghe  with the poem  A Tribute To The Hero

05/24 My First Car was won by Geezer  with the poem '59 Plymouth...

05/24 My Favorite Childhood Toy was won by Alex Tanner with the poem Granny Overthere.

05/24 Locked In Basement was won by RoseBlack  with the poem Locked In A Basement

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


I'm angry

That you moved on.

I thought we were forever.

Then, I thought we were a few years.

But, no matter how much I tried to squeeze my hope into some type of "something"

It didn't work.

I lost you.

And now I have to see you be happy,without me.

I guess I was the problem.

The thought

I am really terrified
Of the thought
That i maybe won't see
Your divane and angelic face
Hear your ethereal voice
Feel your enchanting presence
That though
Makes me feel numb and miserable
And tears won't stop flowing
From the brimming wells
of my mournful eyes
It feels like my shattered heart
Will stop beating any second
So i hope that won't happen
Even in my nightmares

Knuckle head

What can I do, what can I say
it wouldn't matter anyway.
He lives in a little rundown shack
and knuckle head, he loves to yack!
A continuous fountain of B.S.
spews from his mouth.
He could have it good
have a beautiful life,
but instead he sits by the tube
curses and shouts.
His house is trashed
hasn't mowed his lawn in months.
Has very few friends,
ten years ago his family moved out.
But deep in his core
he's a really nice guy.
He's humble and patient

Not Wasted

I never felt spending time with you was wasted
waking up next to your sleepy-beautiful smile.

Or my heart jumping a little with excitement
every time you came over.

Even when I laughed at your concern
about Orion's belt having so few notches.

We were good for a while. And I've always felt
that was what time was for.

Ruse of the evil grimace also known as "Blondie"

A real hunter (and huntress), she stands five feet
and tips the scales at most one hundred pounds.

Despite looking like a little girl, her stock in trade
masks that diabolical mean mien streak evocation.

Said bipedal hominid creature haunts outer limits
of the twilight zone, where dark shadows hoover
along the edge of night spooking the missus who
turns white as a sheet temporarily immobilized.


He didn’t take a bullet,
Didn’t step upon a mine.
His body’s still intact,
And he appears to be just fine.

But inside his hardened heart,
Things weren’t as they appeared.
Former friends and family,
Now think he’s kinda’ weird.

There is a massive hole,
Where his humour used to be.
He’s had two tours of duty,
Or maybe it was three.

He doesn’t sleep at night,
And his days are full of dread.
He just can’t shake the images,
That keep playing in his head.

Living With Depression

Do you really live with depression?
No! It is not living, but existing!
I do not exist with depression, but
there was a time I existed like a Zombie.
Depression within my feelings.
Body heavy with the weight of
all the anger I was expected not
to express.

Never taught to express it!
Expressing anger was wrong.
I was not who I was, rather,
I was what my world told me what
I should be.

Every drop

My body cries
For you
Every day
I miss you,
With every pore,every tear,every breath

God,just give back my Koko
I'll behave

Just give me back my mother

Free (the) world

If everyone always did what they were told, nothing would ever happen.


"My Morticia, you're an ice-cold bitch,"
he thinks, unto himself.
"You don't believe my need for you,
you try to put me on the shelf."

From inside Morticia's head:

"We've so few that pass this way,
perhaps no one comes for years,
please dear one, we'll be good,"
in little sister's voice of tears"

"Very well", she murmurs
slight put out at this.
She braces for his ardent hug,
his smoldering lips, up in a kiss


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