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Something you long for? Contest Winner

The winner of the Something you long for? contest is Lavender with her poem,
Oh, To Close My Eyes (Something You Long For?)

Congratulations to Lavender on such a fine poem

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Emotions In Seasons Neopoet Monthly Contest

Description: Write a poem about emotions in seasons. Tell us how you feel in one of your favorite seasons

Objectives: poems must be 12 to 32 lines. Written in any style

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This week the Neopoem is Uncertain certainties by Words.unwritten. Congratulations to Words.unwritten on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

This week the Neopoem is Ephemeral Love by Dystopia. Congratulations to Dystopia on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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She argued about it
that: “Who knows what that is…
I raised a rock musician, and this
doesn’t belong in a poem,”

“No one will understand what that means…”
as if the adverb wasn’t an understandable action
and that she would, in her attack-dog way,
just be the final judge.

Dear Future Son

My love for you will go stronger and deeper,
Everyday we spend together,
Like an endless river my love will keep flowing,
No matter the weather,

Fight hard for what you believe in,
And I’ll teach you what I can,
Tips will come continuously,
On how to be a man,

But there is always a procedure,
That all black parents must follow,
Its sad that this wisdom of black fatherhood,
Will come with a burden of sorrow,

Stammering stars

We’re the stars
a soulless sea
Flooded with the
fervent fragments
of what this
Wistful world could
rise up to Be.
but all stars that
boldly beam
bright and new must
always faintly fade
forever out of view .
Bitterly being branded
in their brittle blue
brass backbones
of belittlement .


It is my aspiration
from the Beyond
as you still insist
does exist

I shall send violin invisible strings
loaded with Romantic songs
these alone across the GLOBE
are common
You know it....

as long as men love women
now include the gender common

LOVE can never be forgotten
Sing a song
come along

Gee is the music of NEO
and will stay far on
till we love the Neos singing
a sweet love song



So bright-eyed and unashamedly young
Spring emerges from winter’s slumber
Pushing up hard through cold wet earth
To breathe in the cool and fragrant air
Replacing with greenery what was bare
A quickened heartbeat for all its worth
The year now certainly has its number
As soft melodies of hope are now sung

The rage i hate

I'm standing on the side of this bed
feeling irate,,
closing my eyes clasping my fingers
in a tight embrace,,
attempting to stop the tears from rolling
down my face,,
my heart so heavy with all the unbearable
asking my creator how do i expel
all this pain,, hate and rage,,
i'm feeling like that rabid animal
trapped in a cage,,
everyday wondering if he will put
a hand on my shoulder so i don't
fall out of my mental place,,
i can hear my demons in the

Achy Hands

When I don’t know what to write
I feel my hand aching to move and
my heart begging to be heard
but the words don’t flow,
my hand feels stuck,
and my heart is
left alone.

Everything feels so heavy.
My head has hurt for days
My eyes have tears that won’t fall.
They want to, but they can’t.
They won’t.

Up on The Rooftop... [Neo. Challenge of December]

Up on The Rooftop,
damn, this is slick!
Up with decorations
Rudolph gives me a kick

As I turned my back
I'm sure heard him say
Santa can't land here
with that big ****ing sleigh

Just leave us alone
we don't want to sit
on top of your house
amid the pigeon-shit

As I took down the ladder

I was scared of them now...

I thought maybe I'll work
with a manger and a cow


Our lips pressed briefly in a barren kiss.
Have I waited so long for this?
Yet in that kiss my dream confirmed,
A key inserted and the lock may turn.

My lips brushed close against your cheek,
So desperate for the key they seek,
But for all the dreams my lips entice
I could only whisper
"That was nice".

So now my dreams are memories,
Your red door closed despite my pleas,
My key unkeyed,
Your lock unkissed.
Have I waited so long for this!


Just close your eyes
believe me

the same dream came
on two nights in continuum

'''No imagination ''

The first part sought presence
at cremation
the second day it came to say
not to come

the family has run amuck at random
no need to come
cremation done


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