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Description: Write a poem to your childhood self. 12 to 32 lines written in rhyme or free verse .

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May my love pervade your sphere
Enrich and charge the brittle air
Enhance and not invade your space
Hearts beat truth, intentions clear

Days Gone By

Im lying under a tree day dreaming of days gone by
Theres a Manor House, the day warm with a clear blue sky
It’s summertime servants were busy all rushing about
The stables made ready a young boy mucking them out

Lord and lady Broadhurst will be here today
With the child and their Nannie’s have all coming to stay
The house full of people it’s a grand time of year
A delivery man has arrived with food wine and beer


not everything in reality is obvious so many hidden people plants animals
insects things not directly in your vision birds insects in bushes
in a big city people sitting or walking in corners or a car blocks the vision
of two people kissing or walking reading a book

the afternoon before the great storm

the grass quivered slightly with thickening tension,
dark clouds like graphite smudge fell hard off dusk’s shoulder
Diffused to cover the bloodied sun
that already has been given its last rites to sink.

on the horizon where the stars and frosted glass table sea merge,
flocks of seabirds emerge under the gray low light
as if a volley of arrows shot inland from invisible ships
following closely, the low waves of foaming spilled cream
crashing onto the bayonet rocks in the shore.


It’s smiles for miles
Through all the trials
I’m high stepping hurdles
With ease and some style

Hurdles get higher
Feet become mired
I’m dragged down to earth
Deflated and tired

Choose naught but to rise
Dry off my eyes
Patch up skinned knees and
Relinquish the cries

The race knows no end
Follows no trend
It’s likely to break me
Lest I learn to bend

Of Two Minds

She loves me, then she loves me not
She soothes me; she uses what she has got
She holds me then she lets me go
She shrinks away then she grows

She tells me then she says nothing
She is bold, and then she is blushing
She tolerates me, then makes me go
She smiles then her tears start to flow

each one of us is dealt a hand
when an ova meets a sperm
this, well before we're taken form;
our story's written on that strand

dead only comment here

An autumn leaf
be not alone
all are lonely

somewhere in the vastness
of eternity
someone calls out suddenly
still we say wait
time hasn't come yet
loneliness vanishes

unknown come in one’s dreams
where have you been
one says
are you asking
a strewn autumn leaf

invisible one smiles
now 'tis autumn
there is no surprise
hope you too will be
some day
flying about
side beside
till then in my mind


I write in my car these days.
It’s the only place I can think,
Find the time,

Everywhere else is too busy. Too much.

It feels like the Earth is spinning without me.
Maybe tomorrow I, too, will spin.


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