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I can as all others
could or would do

spread fragrance
as you do

far and wide across the sunny horizon
lapping up the sounds of waves
in simple harmonic vibrations

your fragrance
shall spread
across many lands
bless the web
for communication


the rough night
gave birth to
a virgin morn
joy spreads
every heart

©® Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu

Emotions In Seasons: How I feel and my favorites

December finds me at my hearth
warm-faced, poking up the fire.
Sliding into my favorite chair
book in hand with new worlds inspire.

Outside, snow is softly falling,
accumulating a velvety blanket of white
while I recline dreaming of good wishes,
candles alight on this most holy Yule night.

January, the Sign of the Wolf
this year, meets with the full moon,
coming together in thoughts words and deeds
bringing all aspects of life in tune.


Hold your head up high
Keep your shoulders square
Walk through the crowd like a winner
Smile and nod when you see them stare

Be brave and courageous
Never ask God why
He knows exactly what's He's doing
You'll never win if you never try

Prepare with a determined mind
Just do what you set out to do
Because at the end of the day
Your attitude is what defines you


It was a corner building
on the city streets
not the corner like four of them
but the red brick building had a point to it
the corner spread down the block
in a sort of triangle.

It was on15th and M, Washington Dc
a corner apt building that
on the second floor walk up
was a man living that raised fancy-tailed guppies
in a 50 gal tank
which he sold for five dollars a pair.

a lovenote from the author

it’s the excitement
of running into your parents’
long, strong arms
after they arrive home from work.

maybe it’s in the back of a car,
or sitting on a pier,
the first time those butterflies flutter
as he leans in and kisses you.

it feels like that weight
you didn’t notice flattening your chest
until your best friend stands up
and tells those bullies to fuck off.

it’s that moment,
either playing soccer
or singing on a stage,
when passion prevails your whole body.

Ode To Early Flowers

As early flowers blush and bloom
The weary hearts long for a roam
Away from where once lived the gloom
As early flowers blush and bloom
I rush with thrush out there to loom
And bring the warmth back up to home
Where weary hearts long for a roam
Where early flowers blush and bloom


It is the charming month of March
when all the enchanting flowers
daises, pansies, roses, lilies, and others
are blooming from the garden view
with the sweet aroma disperse in the air
every soft petal elegant flourish touch
abound with joy and a jubilant grace
greeting the new revival nourishing
with a sign of breathtaking scenery
Each heart is dancing with ecstatic
in celebrating the renewing of life
Birds and butterflies are chasing
Mother Nature is calling out
To all the beauty from their slumber

Up On The Roof


I can lay there in bed and look at the stars
My roof has a hole where the rain comes in
After two years my patience is wearing thin
But at least my phone signal has four bars

It’s a dangerous climb to fix missing slates
A temporary fix was to patch with tarpaulin
But lost when the stormy winds came calling
Dare I skip another year and tempt the fates


Patience is a virtue
Whatever that means
Having patience will lead you to great things
Patience will find you someone beautiful
Be patient and wait so you can find your soulmate
Don’t go looking because you
Might run into your enemy
Patience is everything
Patience is well worth waiting
Without patience you might not get what you want at that very moment
With patience you will get the best

Xoxo Delilah rose


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