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Epitaph For Geezer

"In the haze of memory, he found joy.
Long black hair, laughter, and cookies infused with life.
A friend to all, he wandered through time,
Leaving behind trails of kindness.

His lungs breathed the words of compassion.
And as the sun dipped below the horizon,
He whispered, ‘Remember me like a fleeting breeze.

In the end, he was sweetness personified,
A batch of cookies baked with love and a dash of mischief.

Rest easy, dear Guy,
Your memory lingers, a gentle exhale in the hearts of many."

Warning- I'm Done

Don't cry to me,
when she breaks your heart.
Don't cry to me,
you were told from the start.

Your self-serving prophecy,
for a down payment,
a disgusting choice,
"what she can do for me!"

You can't call something trash,
pull it from the can,
and by some miraculous flash,
expect it to act any other way.

Don't call me,
when it's over.
I could care less.
Don't call me, ever.

We both know your nothing but a lie.

Clerihew Number 2 - King Charles 1.

King Charles the first
Was considered the worst
So they cut off his head
Till he was dead.

The Reckoning

Part 1

Into the night; the bone chilling, bloodiest part of the night;
wearing the skulls of enemies past, silently they crept.
Checking their list like good St.Nick, the last one wept.
Who knew Karma would turn up such a fright?

Heads wrapped in burlap, wrists tied with wire,
into the van they go like lambs off to slaughter.
Silently, she waits; her father's jaded daughter.
Never again would they make her out to be a liar.


I do not speak so why should they
Spout lies and filth from day to day.
Sad creatures full of bigots views
Bring misery to those they choose.

Do you heed or pay no mind?
To worthless voice, words unkind;
Spiteful barbs shot day to day
Bring misery like whips to flay

The flesh from off a victim's back
The blood to seep from weeping cracks.
Poor creatures bowed by heartless scum
Who leave their deadened bodies numb.

Colors On The Canvas



On cool moist virgin sand

in front of fire clouds

under the rising autumn sun

where there are no ripples

on the quiet Atlantic

or even a single sea gull

to sit by

is where you are found . . .

when faces that have smiled

slowly bridge from colorless places

impossible to forget

This or That

This or that,
Her or me.
Can't have both,
chaos verses normalcy.

Love or hate,
escape to fate.
Gladness turns to madness,
hand delivered from hell's gate.

Needle or smoke,
one last toke,
was it worth the cost
and everyone you lost?

First Time on a Bike

Oh! Yes I remember my first bike ride so well.
Grazed Knees and grazed elbows, bumped head,
Hurt like hell.

Our Family Feud...

What's the answer to the question?
When can I be heard?
Things seem to be all wrong
Can you give me another word?

What does it look like from here?
The others might win through a steal
Who can you really trust?
I just don't know how to feel

Talking shit about each other
Jealousy rears its' ugly head
You cannot ever escape
Not even when you are dead

Blood is thicker than water
But not so much as alcohol
Be careful of what you say
The others are building a wall


Two words that I get muddled,
Though I don't use either much,
One word is vernalization
The other isn't such.

''So what'', you ask: ''is the other?''
Ablation is the one;
I don't use this one either
Serious or in fun

But then you pose the question:
''What do they mean?'' and I
reply: ''Get out your book of words,
For I am prone to lie''.


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