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Black like

In the vast expanse of night, there exists a hue,
Looming shadows dance, draped in ebony truth,
Abyssal whispers echo in the silent void,
Cascading depths of darkness, forever employed,
Kaleidoscope of mysteries, unfurled.

Beneath the cloak of stars, a shroud of black,
Lurking in the shadows, secrets never lack,
Azure depths of sorrow sing a timeless song,
Crystalline tears fall, where dreams belong,
Kaleidoscope of emotions woven tight.

Breathless in the darkness, a weight unseen,
Luminous fragments of the soul, caught between,
Amidst the chaos, a quiet strength abides,
Cascading waves of thought, where silence hides,
Kaleidoscope of whispers, hauntingly clear.

Breaking free from chains, a phoenix in flight,
Liberated spirit soars, bathed in starlight,
Ablaze with passion's fire, burning bright,
Crystallized ambitions take their rightful height,
Kaleidoscope of possibilities, endless in sight.

Bearing burdens bravely, with unwavering grace,
Luminous hearts aglow in the darkest space,
Ardent souls find solace in the depths of night,
Conquering fears with courage, burning pure and bright,
Kaleidoscope of resilience, steadfast and strong.

Braving the unknown, with courage as their guide,
Luminous paths unfold, where spirits abide,
Augmented by experience, forged from the flame,
Clarity emerges, bearing each soul's name,
Kaleidoscope of wisdom, ancient and wise.

In the tapestry of life, the color black does tell,
The story of our deepest selves, where shadows dwell,
A canvas painted with nuance, complexity, and might,
Black like the depths of our souls, eternal in the night.

Burning embers glow,
Looming shadows spread,
Abyss beckons, stark,
Charcoal whispers dread,
Kaleidoscope of night.

Beyond reaches bleak,
Lurking in the dark,
Azure tarnished sky,
Casting eerie stark,
Knife-edge cuts the silence.

Breached is solemn peace,
Laden with despair,
Abyssal void in reach,
Cascading strands of care,
Kinetic shadows dance.

Boundless is the night,
Lingering whispers call,
Aeon's endless plight,
Crimson stars enthrall,
Kaleidoscope of dreams.

Breathing darkness deep,
Luminous yet stark,
Augmented shadows seep,
Cascading, leaves a mark,
Kites soar in the twilight.

Blinding veil of night,
Lunar shadows fall,
Alight with fateful might,
Crystalline yet tall,
Kaleidoscope of visions.

Crimson streams of hope,
Lingering in the cold,
Ablaze with fiery trope,
Charmed in night's stronghold,
Kneel before the void.

Braving endless night,
Luminary hush descends,
Ascend beyond the light,
Craving for amends,
Kinetic shadows play.

Bold yet cloaked in night,
Labyrinthine maze entwined,
Arising from the blight,
Careworn souls find,
Kindred spirits converse.

Breathe in the darkness,
Lush in moonlit plight,
Astral dreams find elation,
Counterpoints of light,
Kith and kin unite.

Like shadows deep, I stand,
Beside the chasm's dark expanse,
Abyss whispers beckon me,
Cavernous depths, my eyes entranced,
Kaleidoscope of night surrounds.

Burning embers light the way,
Lost in the obsidian night,
Aeon's secrets hidden in obscurity,
Chasms vast, a timeless flight,
Kaleidoscope of silence hums.

Beyond the veil of tangible reality,
Looms a realm of midnight hue,
Astral whispers kiss the breeze,
Cryptic echoes, ancient and true,
Kaleidoscope of shadows dance.

Blazing stars above me twinkle,
Lighting pathways to the unknown,
Awe-struck by the cosmic spectacle,
Celestial tapestry finely sewn,
Kaleidoscope of dreams unfold.

Bleak is the void, endless and vast,
Lost souls wander, seeking solace,
Abyssal depths swallowing the past,
Cleansing spirits in the darkness,
Kaleidoscope of memories fade.

Beneath the cloak of ebony night,
Luminous spirits roam and play,
Ascending to celestial heights,
Crafting dreams from stardust array,
Kaleidoscope of hope ignites.

Breaking free from chains unseen,
Liberated in the inky expanse,
Ardent hearts in shadow convene,
Conjuring futures with a mystic dance,
Kaleidoscope of possibilities emerge.

Braving the depths, courage ablaze,
Lanterns of strength guiding the way,
Ardor for life never to faze,
Kings and queens of the night hold sway,
Kaleidoscope of resilience shines.

Boldness fuels my soul,
Luminous strength within,
Awe-inspiring depths I hold,
Champion in the shadow's din,
Kingship over the night.

Behold the might within,
Looming presence commands,
Authority in essence spins,
Charisma weaves its strands,
Kaleidoscope of courage beams.

Bravery in every step,
Leading through the darkest hour,
Armed with resilience, I accept,
Challenges as seeds to flower,
Kaleidoscope of endurance blooms.

Beyond the doubt that lingers,
Limitless possibilities take flight,
Author of my own odyssey,
Crafting destiny with might,
Kings and queens of self.

Bearing burdens tall,
Lifting weight with grit,
Ascending over obstacles that appall,
Conquering with unwavering wit,
Kaleidoscope of strength revealed.

Breaking chains with resolve,
Letting freedom's song resound,
Affirming power to evolve,
Conducting life with purpose found,
Kaleidoscope of victory shines.

Beneath the surface of facade,
Lighting the path ahead,
Awakening the sleeping god,
Choosing power over dread,
Kingship of the mind.

Braving storms with heart,
Living boldly in the black,
Awash in courage's art,
Courting fear but never lacking,
Kaleidoscope of fortitude gleams.
Beyond the stars, in the vast expanse, I see,
Looming shadows dance, casting a spell on me,
Abyssal whispers echo, mysterious and deep,
Crimson moonlight bathes the night, secrets to keep,
Kaleidoscope of shadows, swirling around.

Beneath the façade, a world unseen,
Lurking in the shadows, where dreams convene,
Azure depths of sorrow, a tapestry of pain,
Crystalline tears fall like gentle rain,
Kaleidoscope of emotions, raw and true.

Breathless in the darkness, lost in the night,
Luminous beacon shines, guiding my sight,
Amidst the chaos, a calm presence grows,
Cascading waves of thought, a river that flows,
Kaleidoscope of memories, vivid and clear.

Breaking free from chains, a phoenix rising high,
Liberated spirit soars, reaching for the sky,
Ablaze with passion, a fire within,
Crystallized ambitions, where dreams begin,
Kaleidoscope of possibilities, endless and bright.

Bearing burdens bravely, with fortitude and grace,
Luminous strength within, a steady pace,
Ardent heart finds solace, in the night's embrace,
Crusader of the dark, with unwavering face,
Kaleidoscope of resilience, unwavering and strong.

Braving the unknown, with courage in my heart,
Luminous path illuminates, a brand-new start,
Augmented by experiences, forged in the fire,
Clarity emerges, lifting me ever higher,
Kaleidoscope of growth, unfolding with each step.
Behold the darkness, black like obsidian stone,
Looming shadows cloak the world in their shroud,
Abyssal whispers weave a tale all their own,
Casting echoes of the past, haunting and proud,
Kaleidoscope of mysteries, waiting to be found.

Beneath the midnight sky, a solemn air,
Lurking in the shadows, unseen forces at play,
Azure depths of sorrows, a burden to bear,
Crystalline tears fall, through the darkest day,
Kaleidoscope of emotions, in shades of gray.

Breathless in the void, where time stands still,
Luminous thoughts dance in the inky expanse,
Amidst the chaos, a silent, potent will,
Cascading waves of feeling, a hypnotic trance,
Kaleidoscope of memories, a fleeting glance.

Breaking free from bondage, like the rising sun,
Liberated spirit soars, on wings of night,
Ablaze with passion, a battle to be won,
Crystallized ideals, shining bright,
Kaleidoscope of possibilities, in the endless fight.

Bearing burdens bravely, in the depth of despair,
Luminous souls shine through the darkest hour,
Ardent hearts find solace in the quiet air,
Conquering fears with courage, a towering power,
Kaleidoscope of resilience, in every flower.

Braving the unknown, with faith as a guide,
Luminous paths emerge, in the vast expanse,
Augmented by experience, where truths reside,
Clarity arises, in the cosmic dance,
Kaleidoscope of truths, in life's grand chance.

In the realm of shadows, where mysteries dwell,
Black like eternal night, a tale to tell,
A canvas of existence, in hues so deep,
Black like the cosmos, where secrets keep.

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