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Divided States Of America

Divided and informed
Still doubt if sensible
Point has been formed

Impeach and accuse
Hey quickly
Hide your point of views

Republican or democrat
What happen to just
Another bureaucrat

Save America they say
Don’t know when
How about today

What about a term limit
Are aliens going
To find a way to trim it

Put spending on pause
Or is uncle sam
Just Santa Claus

Border still open
Will we see change
Or left to hoping

Will this be resolved
Or is it bad for business
For this to be solved

Can a true senator
Start to think
Or open the door

Will we have a debate
Or are we satisfied
With a broken state

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

This poem effectively uses simple language and a clear structure to convey a critique of the current political climate in the United States. The repetition of question phrases ("What about", "Will we see", "Can a true") helps to emphasize the uncertainty and confusion that the speaker feels about the situation.

However, the poem could benefit from more specific imagery and metaphors. While the use of common phrases and ideas (such as "uncle sam" and "Santa Claus") can make the poem accessible to a wide audience, they also risk making the poem feel generic or clichéd. The poem might be more impactful if it included more unique and vivid descriptions of the situations and feelings it discusses.

The poem also uses a variety of different rhyme schemes, which can make it feel disjointed. For example, the first three stanzas use an ABCB pattern, while the fourth stanza uses an AABB pattern. Consistency in rhyme scheme can help to create a sense of cohesion and rhythm in the poem.

Finally, the poem's critique is quite broad, encompassing a range of issues from impeachment to term limits to border policy. While this breadth can help to convey the complexity of the situation, it also risks diluting the poem's message. The poem might be more powerful if it focused more narrowly on one or two specific issues.

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as a rap, this would have a significant impact on some of the younger generation. The short, powerful lines, give the story of a country divided amid many points of view. ~ Geez.

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This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

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This is very well thought out and presented. Many good and relevant questions you bring to the surface... your poem stirs the blood! excellent work, Paul! Thanks for sharing this with us!

*hugs, Cat

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