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I’ve seen girls in skirts, less and much else!
Been on streets where I’ve slept, no cash, no help;
Hells of cells, no shelves nor bells where I dwelled;
No warmth, it was cold but I had to be bold;
I’ve heard gunshots, been on cold floors, seen bayonets: (small saws);
Bad habits of addicts at it like rabbits, it’s tragic.
It is a rampant frequency and that seems to be
A trap that is desperately sad - it is bad because we lack in
A place that is homely - that is why we get lonely.
I’ve Never owned a garden -it’s a burden but I’ve hardened
Like glass that is broken but I’m well spoken so cope and
Now thrive like knives that are repeatedly sharpened
Over and over so some day I’ll be sober,
Be rich and I’ll teach those like me how to get over
The tragedy that sporadically spawned being poor, and more.

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That was so raw and yet rings true. The internal rhymes are always an extra bonus for me.
Well done!


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words ........Robert Frost☺

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